Gourmet Meal Plan

We use the same fundamentals as we do in our paleo plans in regards to sourcing our meat and vegetables locally and organically where possible.

Every dish we create has been put through its paces to ensure it not only tastes great but is packed full of nutrients to help you fuel you through your week.

All of our produce is locally sourced from the finest suppliers to ensure the highest quality of standard in every meal!

Our gourmet meal plan consists of 2, 3 meals per day with our 3 meals per day plan designed with around 1900 calories.

This meal plan is designed for those with more demand for lower fats and higher carbohydrates along with extra calories to fuel you through your day. Whether it’s to maintain or gain weight, each meal is packed full protein and fresh nutrients.

Receive 10% discount when you place an order for the month.

Place your order by Thursday for the following week and receive two drops of fresh food for the coming week.


Fuel your body the right way to maximise your training regime