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Technoblade may have returned to Skyblock to usurp Dante, but the canonicity of this is unclear. Everyone targeted Dream, but Sam tried a new tactic: taking Ranboo hostage. He said that if Dream did not give him the book, he would kill Techno. Techno asked whether Dream visited his house so much because he was homeless, which Dream denied. After breaking Dream out, Dream wanted to leave the prison immediately. The trio set out to retrieve MICHAEL from Sam's house. Technoblade [Technoblade] (June 6, 2021). Niki arrived at Technoblade's cabin to talk to Techno and Phil about the Syndicate. I would have been there. Techno avenged Ranboo's death by placing Sam in his own creation, Pandora's Vault. Deaths He was the leader of the Antarctic Empire with Phil as his co-leader, and took over the entire server. Technoblade was formally invited to the festival by Schlatt. Techno pleaded for them not to do this, saying that he had changed his ways to be peaceful, but that he would not go back without a fight. I- He's here! He interpreted this as George mocking him, as his cows were recently slaughtered, Techno hunted him down and came close to killing him (half a heart) before pulling back. Together, they went mining for netherite with beds. On your suspicious to do list on your wall? He also does not approve of the Badlands' plan to gain power by creating the. Both Vikk and Lazar were last seen online in January 2021. On September 14, Techno and Dream were visited in the prison by Quackity. Quackity promises that he is telling the truth, and the two part ways. After TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot were exiled from Manberg, Technoblade tweeted at the two asking if they needed assistance. Techno recovered two totems of undying from the journey. This implies that Sir Billiam III shares some canonical ties to Techno, possibly by lineage. He told his height to be 6 feet 2 inches. Techno has never strayed from this ideal and never will. One of the most notable examples of this combination of loyalty and wrath is when, after feeling betrayed by TommyInnit, being almost executed by the Butcher Army, and having seen how L'Manberg had put Phil in a house arrest, he and Phil, along with Dream, completely destroyed L'Manberg. He was imprisoned with Dream in Pandora's Vault, falling victim to a plan constructed by Quackity & Awesamdude, until being broken out by Phil using the Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber. He has stated that although he is fine with it being a headcanon, it is not a part of the story he has constructed and he will not roleplay it as such. Technoblades main flaws are his loyalty, wrath, and pride. Technoblade explains why he HATES orphans while playing on the Dream SMP in his first stream after the festival#DreamSMP #Technoblade #TheFestivalAll clips t. Techno questioned if this constituted the use of the Favor, but Dream denied this, insisting that Techno would destroy L'Manberg whether or not the favor was used. Obtained from a chest in the Final Control Room after Technoblade's execution. -, "Hey remem- remember when I was sitting there alone, against the whole government, and you and Wilbur just sat there on the sidelines and watched? Tommy chose to follow Techno, but was very uncertain about his choice. Technoblade, organizer We're raising money to fund research into new treatments for sarcoma, a disease which makes up roughly ~15% of childhood cancers. The day after founding the Syndicate, Techno began his quest to recruit specific candidates. Techno views Phil as his best friend and trusts him with the location of his cabin. He collected them during Halloween and seems to be proud of them. [5] Technoblade is unwaveringly loyal to those he considers his friends and allies, and is willing to go to nearly any length to keep them safe. This made Techno very excited, as no one else can pick up spawners, even with silk touch tools. No! After a period of relative stability, however, he has moved Carl back to the stables in front of his cabin. During the Green Festival, Tommy and Techno went to L'Manberg to crash the festival. He stated that if people pay him with service and friendship, he will return that service and friendship tenfold. He stumbled upon a snow village in a barren snow wasteland and built a cabin to store his valuables and regain what was stolen. Only has one canon life. Techno along with Dream and Phil attacked L'Manberg by bombarding it with TNT and withers during the Doomsday War, permanently ending the nation. Later, Techno and Dream met up on top of the mountain where they first met. In the Arctic North Maybe- Maybe I'll- Maybe I'll start a farm or something, y'know? They later traveled to un-sit Techno's dogs. Dream then gave him a map that led him to a woodland mansion, where Techno retrieved several mystical totems of undying. However, Techno has pointed out that it is ineffective against Dream because he doesn't stream. Family & relationship(s) When, "Technoblade never dies!" After reclaiming some of his stolen items from Tommy, Techno proposed an alliance to help Tommy get his discs back and for himself to destroy the government through "minor terrorism." Was seized by Tubbo during Techno's execution. Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending, Unbreaking III. Finally taking things completely seriously, Techno told Tommy that the time for talking was over, reminding him that the only universal language is violence and that they already spoke that language in the pit. Bad tried to entice Techno with promises that the Egg could give him the power to topple any government, but Techno pointed out that he already had that power, and the "Eggpire" seemed like a government. During "The Decision," Technoblade expressed that Tommy could be useful, and perhaps even a friend. He uses his iPhone to set an alarm for thirty minutes and he uses the radar sound effect from the clock app. While Technoblade was an ally of the Pogtopian effort, Techno remained an anarchist, eventually breaking away from the country at the end of the Manberg vs Pogtopia War to destroy L'Manberg. After Dream's warning of a traitor within Pogtopia, many members returned to suspecting Technoblade, though he continued to actively deny it. Ranboo and Techno went on a journey to a woodland mansion. Technoblade has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches, whereas his weight is about 72 kg. She replied by saying that all she knew about anarchy was causing destruction, terrorism, and chaos. Andrew wears golden horse armor. Dream wanted Tommy to come with him, but he let him go after Techno defended Tommy, claiming that he was his business partner. Niki bakes him a pumpkin pie and together they throw shade at Wilbur. When you were surrounded by like 30 people, the whole world was against you? Technoblade says that Steve is the only one of the bears he cares about. Birthday June 1, 1999. Gifted to Technoblade by Ranboo as a gift for letting him move into the Arctic, it was made as a replacement for the Axe of Peace, and was made to be a replica, aside from the addition of fortune III, which Ranboo assumed was destroyed during the destruction of LManburg. Technoblade spent the next few weeks building a fearsome arsenal, which included new technologies such as a firework rocket launcher, a Riptide trident, and six wither skulls. Technoblade then permanently broke his vow of peace and turned back to his violent ways. An instance of him conveying his true feelings would be in his will, where he states that he hopes Tommy can find what he is looking for. Though Techno approved of this change in lifestyle, their long history and Tubbo's possession of nuclear weapons continue to strain their relationship. And I think you should join me Tommy." Technoblade trusted LazarBeam, giving him and Vikk a house tour. Following a series of attempts on Carl's life, Techno hid him away for protection. To save Carl, Techno surrendered to their demands, dropping his armor, potions, and weapons, and coming with them. As he collected an arsenal, he also collected pets and animals whom he cared for dearly, including Carl and two mobs wearing jack-o-lantern, Hubert and Fool (now Moon). Carl was taken into an elaborate maze designed to trap and kill Techno so Awesamdude could have footage. He does not care much for the interweaving loyalties of the other SMP members. They then visit the prison before finally returning home. 32. level 2. If they serve him injustice, he will repay the injustice with a thousand times the amount they served him with. Despite this, the two continued to work alongside one another, having been allies in both the War of the Burning Eiffel Tower and the Final Pet War. Techno told him that he and Dream had become best friends, and that Dream would just revive him if Techno died. He explained that they were business partners and Tommy was under his protection, unless Dream wanted to call in his favor. Midway through the conversation, Techno spotted Quackity in the distance, and excused himself from the table to talk to him. Philza came up with the name "Edward." They took Connor hostage, forcing the L'Manberg government to give back Techno's rocket launcher and his pickaxe, Technodrill. Techno and Tommy made several more missions into L'Manberg, retrieving Techno's weapons. Thus always to tyrants." Techno then freed Philza, his longtime friend, from house arrest in L'Manberg. Techno followed Dream after he left, watching invisibly while Dream built an "evil lair". Tommy kept it during the second Festival after betraying Techno. During the Doomsday War, Techno returned Ranboo's memory book and allowed Ranboo to go, stating that he did not have anything against him. Phil secretly messaged Techno, warning him that the bounty hunters were on their way, which gave him just enough time to prepare. Was formerly named "Child Eater" because they ate a baby villager when they were a zombie. She is best known for moderating Phil's streams, showing up during his streams, and for representing Phil's and Sleepy Bois Inc. fans. On January 14, 2021, he was mauled and killed by the Millionaire Hounds after Techno got too close to Edward while he was aggravated. Gender Technoblade stopped Dream, stating that "he is with me." [20] The day after, Techno, Dream, and Phil destroyed L'Manberg during the Doomsday War. After the events of the prison break-in to rescue Ranboo, Techno went to seek out Tubbo after being given a picture of him, Ranboo, and Michael. During the Doomsday War, Dream asked Techno to burn down the L'Mantree, but Techno didn't know what the L'Mantree was. Niki summoned a couple of withers from far behind, confusing and distracting the others. He stated afterward that he had killed Tubbo out of tactics, because if he hadn't, then all of Manberg would have killed him and taken his god-level items. They manage to find the MICHAEL and Sam. A quick strip mine led him to the only exposed part of the prison, which was so deep underground it didn't need to be protected any more than its hundreds of gallons of lava. No. Tommy was still wearing the turtle helmet Techno gave for Christmas, and was holding the Axe of Peace Techno gave out of trust. The original axe was in Sapnap's possession at the time. Alexander (June 1, 1999 - June 2022 [a] ), known online as Technoblade, was an American YouTuber known for his Minecraft videos, livestreams, and involvement in the Dream SMP. I have reformed, alright? February 27, 2023 endeavor air pilot contract No Comments . However, the execution was interrupted by Punz, who was hired by Dream, attacked the L'Manbergians and placed TNT on the podium. Rudylmao [TommyVODS] (September 23, 2020). After the nation fell and Techno's revenge was exacted, Techno and Phil returned home with the remainder of the dogs, talking about different farms and the life of anarchy. I'll put it through your teeth, Quackity!" In the Prison Break, Techno is pressured by Sam when he takes Ranboo hostage, which eventually leads to Ranboo's death. Phil has also agreed to this, and decanonized the family dynamic, saying that the "longtime friends" plot makes more sense storywise. He is a popular and well-known YouTuber from America. That used me. Dude this guy doesn't have a house. During Technoblade's execution, Tubbo had seized the armor and gave it to Ranboo. Techno loved his horse (mainly due to many of his donators giving money every time Carl was shown onscreen), and was determined to retrieve him, but found a way around getting killed himself. Techno brought along an elite task force from the Hound Army, dubbed the "Millionaire Dogs" as his donators had paid sums of money to give them specific names. However, on the day of the Manberg vs Pogtopia war, Techno revealed his true stance by killing the new president, Tubbo, and destroying the remains of L'Manberg with withers. Killed by nuke. You're Homeless You're Homeless Dream." hi i'm sophietexas! Don't you see history repeating itself? Adding onto this, Techno has an issue conveying his true feelings towards things that can make many people see him as overly prideful and selfish. -, "Listen, I'm gonna kill everyone here, until there's no government. The earnings from his YouTube channel have also helped towards raising his net worth. However, Techno managed to kill Quackity with a pickaxe and steal the majority of his items, escaping through the sewer system to his base. At Pogtopia, Tommy confronted him for killing Tubbo, believing him to have betrayed their cause. Techno pledged to Tubbo that he had both his and Phil's support should anything happen. He then joined Ranboo on his adventure to a woodland mansion. He built a cabin in a distant tundra and swore off violence. It is unknown what happened to the trident after Ghostbur picked it up. Dream chose not to speak with the anarchists afterward; their loose alliance ended with the desolation of L'Manberg and they went their separate ways. During the chaos of the Doomsday War, Sapnap picked up the Axe of Peace from one of Tommy's deaths, and intended to use it as leverage or bargaining on a later date, and didn't care if he dangled it above Tommy's or Techno's heads. It has no plans on stopping until it controls the entire has no plans on stopping and this Egg stands for EVERYTHING.. He hoped that this would create clones of himself, forming an army that could protect Dream from being tortured. Now angered that Bad had threatened Techno's "associate," Techno and Puffy attacked Bad and suggested that he would blow up the Egg. After the war, Technoblade retired, hurt by Pogtopia's betrayal and the institution of yet another government. Due to the events of Technoblade's execution, Phil joined Techno in fighting for anarchy. "Where I come from, people don't have multiple lives". Kristin Watson (ne Rosales) (born November 4), better known online as Misstrixtin or Mumza, is Ph1LzA's wife. He has hazel brown colored eyes and his hair color is brown. Technoblade has also been a vital part of the Dream SMP, a roleplay server with a plot. He also agrees, and the four companions go to the upgraded Syndicate headquarters in order to have their first meeting. Technoblade called the two of them "anarchy bros.". As the nation crumbled, Niki burned L'Mantree, and Techno congratulated her on forging her own path. He also indirectly voiced opposition towards Las Nevadas by claiming to oppose "whatever empire" Quackity had established. He explained that while Schlatt was a villain, he was still democratically elected; the new government performed a hostile coup and instilled themselves into power illegitimately. They were able to drive the members of the Eggpire out and rescue the attendees, gaining control of the Egg; afterward, Quackity privately spoke to Techno and Awesamdude to discuss future plans. The two began to plan out other things for the room: pearl stasis chambers to teleport members into the room, water elevators for a quick exit, and converting the upstairs igloo basement into a secret entrance for the members of the Syndicate. -, "Listen. The day after the execution, Technoblade created a "December To-do List" of things that he wished to complete as part of his and Tommy's alliance. The two did not know what to do with the portal blocks, so they decided to make a table out of it. -, Tommy: "We spent hours together man--" | Techno: "Don't speak to me of loyalty!" The three head their separate ways, agreeing to remain friends. He will make/lose friends around this idea and won't care. When Techno aligned himself with Wilbur's goals for destruction, Tommy was forced to reconsider his idolization of him, and after he killed Tubbo in the festival, Tommy started holding a firmly negative opinion of Techno. They exiled him. He also seems to hold remorse regarding his involvement with Pogtopia, wishing that Pogtopia and himself worked together to fight against tyranny rather than trying to establish another government. Benchtrio Dream SMP Tobias James "Toby" Smith (born: December 23, 2003 (2003-12-23) [age 19]), better known online as Tubbo (also known by his Java Edition username Tubbo_ or by his Bedrock Edition username aTubbo, formerly known as SuperManPower500, Blue Turtle, Spectrum_XP and OrphicTubbo), is an English gaming YouTuber, avid musician, and Twitch streamer known for his Minecraft . He told everyone that he didn't spend weeks gearing up for the revolution just to replace one tyrant with another.

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